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luca dell'oro

business evangelist

30 years working on this....Business, just this. Manager for several Multinationals around the world, professor in different Business Schools in Spain, Entrepreneur and Business Angel. Father of two, husband and in love with sport. I love cooking , I love Italia. 
welcome to my site !

my site

all I am , all I know and all I can do

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my life (so far)

all my life dedicated to Business and Marketing. I really love that. Degree in BusinessManagement at Bocconi University Milano (Italy) and the Master in International Marketing, then an MBA at IMD Lausanne (Switzerland) and a PhDc in Management for the LIGS University in USA. 
I worked 3 years for Unilever Italia , and almost 12 for Nestlé in Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, UK, France and Spain.
I am an entrepreneur, CEO of GoldGroup and founder of GoldStage (ONG) for young entrepreneurs. I launched 6 different companies in my life and I am proud about my story and eager to move on with another new chapter......
PS: I really love sport and racing. I have done 12 marathons, 2 Ironmans, 14 half marathons, 133 races...1 TitanDesert, 1 Desert Run...etc...I love sport and I love racing.

my profession

I like to say that I am a Business Evangelist because I teach that...and I really believe in it. I believe in free market power, with the minimal state intervention possible. 

I am a Professor, an Entrepreneur, a Speaker and a father of 2......;)

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my products and services

I teach , I consult and I speak. In reality it is the same : transmitting your knowledge to others. And adding your beliefs and ideas. 
So this I do.
in particular I can do ad-hoc incompanies courses, coaching sessions, consulting and business pills at persona or in remote. I work all over the world. Just call me.